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40 Minute Study

40 Minute Study


Is the gospel good for anything beyond salvation?

Do you ever find yourself wondering that? Maybe your question sounds more like, “I know it saved me from my sin, but how does the gospel apply to my everyday living?” It’s an important question and the answer dramatically changes the way we function as believers!

A Reminder…

Let me start off by reminding us both that every part of scripture is about Jesus: it’s either preparing mankind for the work of Jesus, telling about Jesus’ time on earth, or equipping us to live by faith in surrender to Jesus. So when we study the Bible, part of our practice should be asking how any section of scripture accurately fits into the grand scheme of the gospel. It takes work, but it will make this next practice so much easier and exciting!

First Off…

So first of all, I have to know the gospel. I have to continually grow in my knowledge of Jesus’ death, His resurrection, and His future coming. Not only that, but I need to know what has happened as a result of Jesus’ story! For example I learn that through the gospel I have a reconciled relationship with God the Father. Through the gospel I have the Holy Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, living inside of me, helping me, correcting me. The gospel tells me that through the binding blood of Jesus I now have a spiritual family, brothers and sisters, who walk along side of me in faith. Applying this thought process opens me up to unchanging truths of scripture and helps create a functional gospel that goes far beyond just the masterful covering our sins for salvation.

Tell Myself…

As I continually learn how the effects of the gospel can be exercised in my life, I have to continually tell myself the gospel. By regularly reminding myself of the story and truths of the gospel in the context of my life, I allow it to transform me. Some people call this ‘preaching the gospel to yourself’. It’s a wonderful concept and practice! Here’s an example of how I have applied it and how the gospel has helped me overcome as a result.

My Problem…

I have an approval problem. I’ve always wanted people to tell me I’ve done a good job or show me that I’m worth their friendship and love. Before I began applying the gospel to this area of my life, this problem of approval left me relationally debilitated. I lived in constant anxiety and worry that I offended someone or that someone else just wouldn’t like me because of who I am. I inherently didn’t like myself because I was causing so much trouble.

My Answer…

Now put the work of Jesus into this messy mindset, and I realize that I’m idolizing myself. I was more concerned with what people thought of me than I was about what they thought of Jesus. I was so concerned with people accepting me that I wouldn’t share the gospel with them for fear of offending them. I was blatantly putting myself before God in all my thoughts and actions.

Idolatry is a sin, but thankfully Jesus can handle my sin! He took my sin with Himself to the cross, and now I no longer have to suffer the punishment I deserved for making myself an idol. Not only does the gospel cover my sin, but it also encourages me. I can tell myself that God looks at me and sees the perfect righteousness because of Christ, and God is well pleased with me because of Jesus! The sovereign Creator and Orchestrator of the universe accepts and approves of me because of the work of Jesus in my life. Wow. And other believers in my life can look at me through the grace of the gospel and love me because Jesus loved me first and not based on what I do or say!

Isn’t that liberating? Do you see how the gospel helps us overcome, not just our sin but our daily hurts and hang ups? What areas of your life are holding you back? What kind of relief from yourself and from your sin do you need? How could the truth of the gospel help you overcome?

Sarah has served on our Boot Camp staff and joined us for the first time in 2011 as one of our summer interns. Sarah describes herself as an old soul passionate about glorifying an eternal God in this age. May He receive all praise and worship unto the end of this age!

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40 Minute Study

40 Minute Study

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