The Lord’s Faithfulness in Leadership…pt. 1

The Lord is faithful. About four years ago, He allowed me to see Himself in His Word through Inductive Bible Study along with rescuing me from my slavery to sin, and there starts my story. He allowed me a year and a half of growing in Him before He showed me a need for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be established in the Word of God. I sought Him about leading a study, and He made it clear that I would teach the study method over a span of one year by going through one book in the Bible. The Holy Spirit would do the teaching of the Scriptures, and all I did was show how the method worked.

I spoke with several people about the study and I made an announcement at a meeting. One person came up to me and told me that she was interested and that she might have some friends that were interested as well. We organized an informational meeting at her house and ate baked ziti while we talked about Inductive Bible Study and more importantly the value of God’s Word. We simply discussed why studying the Word of God is essential to a life close to the Father and I gave my testimony of what I’d learned from Inductive Bible Study. Two weeks later I had two young believers and one unbeliever at my dining room table wanting to learn to study the Word of God. We studied 1 Peter using the Inductive Bible Study Method from August to the beginning of June. Through the course of that year, Jess (the unbeliever) became a believer and to this day studies the Word of God adamantly. All three students are some of my closest friends, and our faith grew by seeing each other mature tremendously over that year.

The next year, the four of us were eager to get started in a new book of the Bible, and the Lord placed Ephesians at the center of the study. All four of us prayed for that year and four more students came along to join. Two of those students left after about 1 month, and that was a trial that the Lord really taught me through. He is Sovereign over who He brings into the study, and His will is good. Now there were five students. Jess, Sahar, and Mary (the original three) were ready to jump into Ephesians but Blake and Alexandra were intimidated.  The first three were gracious and patient as we went back over the basics of the method and they proved to be instrumental in encouraging the new ones about the reward of diligent study. Over the first several months, the Word united us and Ephesians altered the way that all of us perceived the world and our position in Christ. By the time May came around, there were five believers rooted in the Word of God seeking in other books of the Bible for their own personal study. They have a foundation that cannot be taken away. Praise be to God who is so faithful to teach and guide in His Word!

This year Blake was the only one who could stay because the other four were going off to college. I was close to devastated because the Lord had taught me so much through these God fearing individuals. The Lord showed me that He is the only constant and that He will be with me until the end; He appoints people to come into our lives for a season, but He is the One who will always be in every season of our lives. As He was faithfully teaching me that, I was praying for the Lord to send the people to the study that He wanted to be there. To make a very long story short, eight new students came along and I had only personally talked to four of them before the first official Bible Study day in August. This year has been phenomenal as I have seen rapid growth in the lives of Shanette, Amanda, Thomas, Christian, Anna, Sammy, Michael, Jess, and Blake. The entire Word of God is changing our lives as we focus on a study in James. We also have gained a true understanding of fellowship.


Micah has been attending Transform Student Ministries Events since he was 13 years old. Micah graduates from High School this year and will be heading off to Moody Bible Institute in the fall!

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