Unusual Kindness


I was completely soaked!

It was my first semester of college and it was raining cats and dogs. It would have been fine if it had been the weekend, because I could have just stayed inside. But it was not the weekend. It was a Thursday. And on this Thursday, I had my first presentation in the English building, which was half-a-mile away from my dorm. Being the well-prepared college student that I was, I did not own a car or an umbrella. Instead, I relied on my ultra thin tennis jacket to keep the dampness away.

As the water seeped through the jacket onto my dress shirt and slacks, I thought about how stupid I was not to buy an umbrella before the semester. While I was walking, I looked up from my misery because a car had pulled next to me.

“Want a ride?” said the woman in the car.

“That would be great! Thank you!” And momentarily forgetting about my parent’s admonition to never get in the car with a stranger, I got in and was driven to campus.

After I finally arrived at the building, I went into the restroom to do damage control. It was worse than I thought. The entire top half and back of my shirt was absolutely soaked. 10 % of the presentation grade was on personal appearance so I was not happy. I tried to use paper towels to dry myself but they did not work, so I walked out of the bathroom to see if I could find an air vent to stand next to (I had about 30 minutes before class).

I passed a professor on her way to class and she said that she was sorry that I got so wet. Then just a few seconds later she came back and said that she had a portable heater in her office that she would lend to me so that I could dry more quickly. I enthusiastically accepted, used the heater, and got mostly dry for my presentation.

Both the woman in the car and the professor in this story were amazing examples of kindness. Both of them were on their way somewhere and were not intentionally looking to help me out. They did not have to stop and help me. They could have thought, “I do not have time to help him, because I will be late for my appointment. He should have an umbrella anyway.” But they did not. They sacrificed their time to help me. And in that moment, I could not have been more grateful.

In Acts 28:2, Luke describes the people of Malta, who “showed us unusual kindness, for they kindled a fire and welcomed us all, because it had begun to rain and was cold.” And we also know that kindness is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

As Christians, we need to be ready to sacrifice our time and goals to minister unusual kindness to those in need under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to ask the question, “Who can I show kindness to today?” Then keep your eyes wide open for opportunities. They are more frequent then you think. May you begin to be a person who is characterized by unusual kindness.

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If you happen to know Richard you know that he lives with purpose! Richard has been around the Precept Ministries for years and has served as one of our summer interns. Richard has attended Lee University and hopes to someday be a college professor.

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