Why Transform Student Ministries?-Blog by David Arthur, CEO of PMI

David Arthur, CEO of Precept Ministries International and Transform Student Ministries

“I wish I would have discovered Precept Bibles studies earlier in life.”

I have heard this over and over again from folks all over the country.  As adults they have finally figured out that studying the Bible on their own is not that hard.  The rewards they gain in using inductive Bible study skills are literally life-changing!

“Why didn’t someone tell me about this when I was younger?” is usually one question that I struggle to answer for them.

So here I am, to say – “Start’em when they are young!”

Now my experience began when Christ revealed Himself to me at the age of 13.  I had been taught (obviously by Jack and Kay, the founders of Precept Ministries International) from an early age to read my Bible for guidance, to memorize scripture and to engage with others in discussing what it means for my growing life.  But when I was 13 God literally opened my spiritual eyes and started me on a path to the Truth – I have been running on this adventurous path ever since. My favorite verse reflects this journey – “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free!” Psalm 119:32

It started with Teens

Did you know that Precept Ministries International has grown over the past 40 plus years to reach millions of people in most of the world’s countries and languages?  Training centers, seminaries, camps and church planting teams are using Precept’s materials and training in their efforts.  Did you also know that Precept started as a youth ministry on a chicken farm in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

So when asked what type of role Transform Student Ministries plays in the vision of Precept, it didn’t take me long to conclude that Transform plays a VITAL role here!

“Vital” was my answer because if we don’t start with establishing youth in God’s word – in many situations  – we will lose any chance of establishing them in their adult stage of life.  One statistic that supports this comes from the evangelism aspect of ministry – stating that most Christians come to Christ before 18.  Worldview experts tell us that past the age of 18 – most people have determined their worldview.

Another aspect to reaching people before adulthood is to protect or prevent them from making serious moral mistakes.  Teach a middle-school student God’s plan for their purity and they will enter high-school with God’s vision for their relationships. But if we wait until they are out of college in many cases we will miss the opportunity of saving them from big mistakes.   So we can see that it is essential that we reach as many people in their youth with the life-changing study of God’s word.

Train up a Child

The world’s wisest man wrote in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  This is wisdom.  To “train up a child” conjures all kinds of activities  – discipline, manners and helpful habits –  but surely – teaching them how to know read, understand and apply the scriptures is central to training the child.

Equipping a student with the skills to observe carefully, interpret accurately and then apply effectively the living Word of God is what Transform Ministries is all about.  If a student starts his or her journey with these skills then according to Proverbs 22:6 the expectation is a life committed to God’s ways.  Now we know there are exceptions and that not every child raised in a Christian home with godly instruction is guaranteed to stay the path.  But we can see clearly that this is God’s plan and process for parents to raise their children up into the ways of the Lord.

Our Strategy to Reach Men Starts Here

A few years ago I was meeting with the leadership team of one of the largest Christian booksellers in the USA.  I asked pointedly how they planned to reach men?  The president answered with a sober response, “We don’t know.”  He shared that they offered hundreds of studies for women compared to a handful for men.  When I am asked about Precept’s strategy to reach men in an American Christian culture where women are the main ones studying the Bible, I simply answer: “We will grow them from boys – by teaching them early to study God’s word for themselves.”

Transform Ministries is a key effort in raising up the next generation of believers who will take the baton of the Gospel of the Kingdom from the faithful but passing generation.  We need to establish young people in God’s word!

From the publishing of study materials for students as young as 6 years old to the intensive summer boot camps for teens, Transform Ministries is effectively training up this next generation into young men and women who will be established in God’s Word!

Join us in changing regrets for not getting into God’s Word into gratefulness for being taught at an early age to discover truth for themselves!

David Arthur

David Arthur understood the importance of Inductive Bible Study at a young age under the spiritual leadership of his parents, Jack and Kay Arthur. David shares his parent’s passion of establishing people in God’s Word. Over the years David has been mentored by his parents’ teaching and shares their view of the Bible. He has served as Precept’s Executive Vice President of Leadership Development since 2007. In this role, David has used his gifts to author and teach Precept Bible Studies, oversee the development of Bible Studies, workshops and conferences, as well as teach God’s Word in Israel and at different events across the world. Prior to his role at Precept, David worked in the business world with IBM and small businesses. Starting in 1999 David worked several years as a pastor in both the Presbyterian Church of America and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Just before coming to Precept, he was Vice President with Generous Giving, working with givers and pastors. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Covenant College and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. For more information about Precept Ministries International, visit www.precept.org.

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